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Electric Love Festival: A Glimpse into Austria's Premier Summer EDM Event

Electric Love Festival: The Ultimate Summer Music Festival in Salzburg, Austria

As we hastily flip the calendar pages, there comes a moment when the scent of sun-touched earth triggers an eagerness that lingers within us. It is the subtle whisper of the upcoming festival season, a promise of unforgettable rhymes and rhythms. One such festival that entices music aficionados worldwide is the Electric Love Festival, a celebration of electronic music and human connection.

Electric Love: An Overview

The Electric Love Festival is a three-day EDM and house music event held annually in early July. Set against the panoramic backdrop of Salzburg, Austria, the festival is a colorful juxtaposition of nature's tranquility and EDM's energetic vibes. Against the tranquil canvas of the Austrian landscape, the festival has grown significantly since its inception in 2013, transforming into an explosion of tunes, color, and life.

Who Hosts the Electric Love Festival?

This luminous event is brought to life by Revolution Event GmbH, a major organizer of electronic events in Austria. Revolution Event stands on the belief that music supersedes language and borders, binding the world together. Their commitment to uniting music enthusiasts, performers, and DJs on a single platform is evident in the mesmerizing charm and scale of the Electric Love Festival.

A Line-up That Resounds Across Continents

The festival has a reputation for showcasing a diverse blend of established household names and up-and-coming stars. Over the years, Electric Love Festival has witnessed exhilarating sets by world-renowned artists like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta. Luminaries of the EDM universe, such as Diplo, Hardwell, Axwell and Ingrosso, have also contributed to the festival’s sonic vibrations.

What Can Festival Goers Expect?

The Electric Love Festival is not just about music; it's about the holistic experience. Attendees get to revel in myriad activities, from extreme sports to art installations. Edible delights are available from a variety of local and international food trucks, catering to a wide palate. Booths offering festival merchandise and local arts & crafts grant memories for participants to take back home.


The weather during the festival is typically summery temperate, offering the perfect conditions to dance away under the open skies. It's best to come prepared with a light jacket for the cooler evenings and a sunblock for daytime.

Spread of Electric Love

Although the festival is primarily held in Salzburg, its resonance is felt globally. Music lovers from across the globe travel distances to be a part of this vibrant gathering. While the festival hasn't spread to other locations physically, it has undoubtedly conquered the hearts of many, far and wide.

Prepping For the Festival

This year's festival is taking place July 4th-6th, check out their official website for updates and tickets.

Call to Action

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