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Experience the Electrifying Ensemble of Music and Art at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival

An Immersive Experience at Lightning in a Bottle Festival

Tucked away amidst the natural beauty of Kern County lies the breathtaking Buena Vista Lake, California, USA. Once every year, this serene landscape undergoes a radical transformation to become the electrifying venue for Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) - one of the most sought-after electronic music festivals in the world.

A Rendezvous on the Memorial Day Weekend

Traditionally, LIB celebrates the onset of summer in America over the Memorial Day weekend in late May. The serene shores of Buena Vista Lake burst into life as thousands of music enthusiasts from all corners of the globe converge for a mesmerizing journey of sonic delight. This year's festival takes place May 22nd to 27th (Memorial Day Weekend)!

Experience the Best of EDM

The festival has been the hub of some spectacular performances from globally renowned electronic music artists. Some of the past headlining artists include Flume, Flying Lotus, Major Lazer, and Tycho. The pulsating beats, combined with the stunning visual elements, dance, and performance art, make LIB experience nothing short of a musical carnival.

This year's headliners include Skrillex, Lane 8, Labrinth, CloZee and more, check out the full lineup below!

A Kaleidoscope of Activities

LIB is not just about music; it’s an immersive experience complete with wellness workshops, interactive art installations, yoga sessions, and an array of food and craft markets. Attendees can explore different genres of music on multiple stages, try a variety of wellness practices, or simply bask in the magical lighting that illuminates the festival as night falls.

Weather to Expect

Set in the transition period between spring and summer, the festival period experiences pleasant, warm weather. Daytime temperatures hover around mid-70s, perfect for enjoying the outdoor stages and activities. Come evening, as the weather cools down, the vibrant illumination set against the night sky elevates the magical vibe of LIB.

An Experience Crafted by Do LaB

This spectacular festival is the creation of Do LaB - a Los Angeles-based event production company. Known for their iconic art installations and pyrotechnics at Coachella, the company is driven by a passion for shaping immersive experiences. While the festival has been set amidst the scenic beauty of Buena Vista Lake since 2019, Do LaB’s innovative spirit ensures unique experiences year after year, wherever the festival is hosted.

Catch the Next Lightning in a Bottle

As you gear up for the next Lightning in a Bottle experience, stay updated on details from their official website - https://www.libfestival.org/ - tickets are available for presale now!

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Soak in the music, bask under the sun, immerse in an eclectic blend of activities - LIB is an adventure you wouldn’t want to miss!


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