About Us

Welcome to Acid Daddy

Welcome to Acid Daddy!  Your go-to destination for unique, bold, and eye-catching apparel and festival gear.

We're a small group of fun-loving ravers based in Denver, CO, trying to build something fun, for a good cause!

Although we're just getting started, we're committed to donating 10% of all profits to ReMake, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change, fast fashion, and child labor in the fashion industry.

Our Mission

We aim to create high-quality, eye-catching pieces that inspire confidence and creativity. Every piece at Acid Daddy is made-to-order, which helps minimize waste and over-production, and ensures your selection is as unique as your personality.

We rotate our selections frequently, so if you see something you love, don't wait! It's here today but may be gone tomorrow, leaving you with a one-of-kind collector's item - good for you and good for the planet!

Join Our Community

We invite you to dive into our trippy world, where color and creativity meet passion and sustainability. Embrace your unique style, join our community, and express yourself with every piece.

For any questions, or to share your Acid Daddy moments, reach out to us at support@aciddaddy.com or connect with us on Instagram. We'd love to see you rocking your new festival gear at Red Rocks!

Thank you for choosing Acid Daddy, and as always, stay weird! ✌️