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We’re offering some killer deals for anyone curious enough to click this link.


We design everything in-house, but we would love to work with local Denver artists! 

We're offering a 15% commission on any sales made using your artwork, so if you're reading this and you're from Denver and want to see your psychedelic artwork on a hat, hoodie or anything in between, please reach out to us at!


We’re new, and trying to get the word out!

For a limited time, we’re offering a FULL refund for any purchase made on our site, IF you take a picture of yourself rocking your new Acid Daddy Gear at Red Rocks, and TAG us on Instagram @aciddaddyco.

Please note - you MUST email us your intent at BEFORE making a purchase, and the refund is limited to ONE item, so don't go too crazy.


In addition to the above offers, we have a Collabs program for influencers and festival enthusiasts looking to spread the psychedelic love; similar to our artists collabs, we’re offering variable commissions on sales made through affiliate links.

Click the link below to apply and get the deets!


Thank you again for giving us a look, and as always, stay weird!

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